TY 2021/22 Information Evening - Presentation

Many thanks to Liz Benson for facilitating a wonderful Transition Year 2021/2022 presentation for our current 3rd year students! This will be our first TY programme! Brilliant turnout! Thanks to all our parents/carers and our wonderful students for their engagement tonight.

ZOOM SEMINAR - Dr Tony Humphreys - Teenagers: Sometimes Wild, Always Wise

Adolescence is about becoming adult. Depending on the teenager’s experiences in infancy and childhood, the teenage years can be a rollercoaster of emotional highs and lows or a relatively smooth ride into maturity. The level of maturity of the significant adults in teenagers’ lives – parents and teachers – is critical to how well teenagers manage the many challenges – physical, emotional, sexual, intellectual, behavioural, social, creative and spiritual – that come their way.

Well done to our Debating Team!

Congrats to our Debating Team together with Eleanor and Janette who were victorious over Sandymount Park ETSS in the ET School National Debating Competition which took place remotely! Well done everyone! Amazing work!

VSWare Samhain Reports

Please note that reports will go live on VSWare next Monday evening. Also, reminder that students will finish at 11am on Tuesday next.

Parents Zoom Update Meeting - Recording

Many thanks to everyone who logged in to yesterday's Parents' Zoom Update Meeting. if you missed it, please see link for recrodining of Parents' Zoom Update meeting which took place yesterday.